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Life’s Abundance Dog Treat Review

Velvet Paws Pet Pampering

Treats are an important part of your dog’s life. Treats can be used to reinfornce traning, give your dog attention and help reinforce your bond with your pet. They are away of signaling routines throughout the day as well.

Treats are also a part of your dog’s nutrition and health. Feeding low quality treats that are made from “filler” ingredients and preservatives are the equivalent of you or I eating junk food like cake and brownies. Good quality natural ingredient treats are a great way to add to your pet’s nutrition not hinder it. Treats should make up no more than 10 to 15 % of their daily calorie intake.

Factors to look for when choosing treats:

  1. Natural ingredients- no artifical flavors, colors or presevatives
  2. Made in the USA or Canada

Today Bandit and I are reviewing Turkey and Berry Treats from Life’s Abundance. This review may contain affiliate marketing…

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