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3 Ingredient Meals and Sides

We are trying to stick to a budget of $500 or less to feed our family of four.

Feeding a Family of 4 on $500 a Month

I found this great video with some great meals you can make with minimal ingredients. The price per meal will depend on how much you spend on the ingredients. We always shop the sales and then look for recipes we can make with what we have.  Buying in bulk (when meat is on sale) and utilizing our chest freezer makes it easier. We love the buy 1, get 2 meat sales at big y. We also found that Aldi and super Walmart have the best price on vegetables. We bought a 50 In. Bag of white rice , which ends up being less than $.25 per dry cup.

You might also like Pork Stir Fry ($.94 per serving)

Cheap and Easy Sausage and Peppers Grinder ($1.51 per serving)

Two Family Dinners under $6

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