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What Cut of Chicken to Buy


Getting the tastiest chicken for the best price.

Until recently, we always bought the boneless, skinless chicken breasts to cook with.  They come all trimmed up and required little to no prep before seasoning and cooking them. Plus, white meat is better, right?

That’s what we thought until we tried some recipes that specifically called for thigh meat. Thigh meat is darker, and juicier, with a richer meaty flavor. The little bit of extra ft keeps it moist and tender while cooking.  Muscles that are exercised more, have more oxygen and are richer in nutrients, since chickens don’t fly, the thighs are the darkest and most nutrient rich meat on them. It does have a higher fat content than the white met. But as I mentioned earlier the ft helps keep it extra tender and juicy while cooking and is worth the extra flavor and melt in your mouth texture it gives the dark meat. Dark meat only has 3 more calories per once than white meat.

Dark Meat takes a little bit longer to cook, once per once, than white breast meat, but the thighs are usually smaller, making them quicker to prepare.

The best part about thigh meat is that it is cheaper per pound than the breast meat. Skinless chicken breast averages about $4.oo  per pound (for regular, non organic) and skinless chicken thighs average only about $3.00. That dollar per pound really adds up if you are cooking for a big family.

You can save even more money per pound by buying the thighs with the bone still in and deboning it yourself. It takes a little more prep work, about 1-2 minutes per thigh. But it can save you a lot of money, bone in chicken thighs average around $1.00 per pound. I get ours at Stop and Shop for $.89 per pound. Now, I am not professional butcher, so a small amount may get wasted in the deboning process, but all in all , I am still saving a lot of money by doing myself.

So there you have it, chicken thighs, tastier and cheaper than chicken breast!

Here is a short tutorial on how to debone a chicken thigh.

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