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Italian Ricotta Cookies — Home in the Finger Lakes (Recipe Review)

These Italian Ricotta Cookies are soft and light and a holiday favorite at my house! Lightly lemon flavored and decked out in holiday sprinkles, no Christmas cookie tray is complete without these!

via Italian Ricotta Cookies — Home in the Finger Lakes

One of my favorite type of christmas cookie is the Italian Ricotta cookie. I have been searching for a recipe that was similar to the one my friend use to make for me. This recipe looked pretty close to what I remember, so we decided to give it whirl.

The recipe was easy to follow and not too difficult to make. The first batch I made I used 1 tablespoon measure to “drop” the cookies on the sheets and that was too much dough. The cookies came out huge. They puff up a lot when cooking. But the next batch I made much smaller (about 1/2 tablespoon of dough) and it was perfect. The other problem I had was that I made the glaze a little too runny. Next time I will add a little more powdered sugar so that it doesn’t run off my cookies. These were both bakers error and nothing to do with the recipe. The recipe was awesome.

The cookies are light and fluffy with a nice subtle lemon flavor, simply perfect. Great recipe

Here is how ours came out:



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